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16colo.rs - an Era of the BBS πŸš›

Today is the era of of what that was, the nineties and BitchX.org. BoredApe is the new cryptocurrency art mascot, with color and desirability. It's a colored collectable put in the blockchain.

A Geshtu-E GED: πŸ“± πŸ“’ Flashcards, Readiness Test, plus the Mundane Text of GED. Boring GED ☯️ πŸŒ€

I've had my share of going to bed later in the evenings from illnesses exacerbated by low sunlight intake, stress, and getting tired of being at a mental health care center situation. I wanted to make some noise on the internet and this is my text-pad journal πŸ“. One "to-have" is to have skilled and talented writing to benefit myself and do my typing accurately, I plan to keep it very simple and do things that power on the internet is all about. That's limitsite.

I'm not going to waste your time or clutter when I could just get the matter of writing what I feel is important.

Did you Participate in the MUD/gopher era?

So you got some of my main timeline and era, I'll conclude that the 'finger' and 'rcp' commands now were what you probably didn't know. I got to explore *.UZ.Β  If you read the article, it is about a hacker friend that connected me to exploring DNS with trojans. Such stories also tell on BBC and via Slashdot. Times have changed: WinAmp is now open source,


TekNap wasn't around anymore. A neat type of HSC Adlib music was a relaxation favorite of mine, but it is like historical archive.Β 

To HSC I was introduced byΒ the Riddler of United Cracking Force from IRC. So for anyone having questions about my taste in early 1990s I was a bit a participant, now I'm 41 and making videos for @zonefileyouth to contribute to a greater whole. I knew napster., he use to play with his gewse.c a lot. Then one day he up and decided to be a programmer, and that's how TekNap got started.

By internet, a greater whole will always be there.Β  Here is some way to label me if you like. As a python user in the San Francisco Bay Area region, I am ever thirsting of ways to meet new people, travel, and learn advancement in places where I can:

Things I am interested in:

  • Enlightenment, Xmms, "fluxbox", "blackbox" (X Manager Systems).
  • Linux 6.
  • Intel Processors (Macintosh).
  • Darwin UNIX.
  • BSD 'ntpd'
  • Android Mobile (my Pixel 5).
  • Making new friends
  • Lady friends

Lastly, my LinkedIn for a Job (updated for 2024). For a job as a System Administrator inΒ Salt, there are various opportunities available. Positions range from entry-level to senior roles, with options for hybrid work and full-time schedules. Salaries vary based on experience and specific qualifications, and my background stands amazing for a fit at anything fingersπŸšΆπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ, keyboard ⌨️, and machine 🌐.Β 

πŸ“§ Contact (limitsite.com)

My ideal job has a lot to do with/of DNS zone files. For instance: I have been "root" on a nameserver that had 27500 domains.Β  For example, since I have seen the military zone files for *.mil.IN .. I could do it. πŸ’¨ When I walk downtown Redwood City it should be pretty neat, seeing all the walks of life using their laptops to get work done using Starbucks WiFi. I have had an Eritrea root.zone with about 10 other countries by my hand-trojan access.Β  Given my circumstance I wouldn't want to see anything less than a system administrator job. I saw that the selectivity gets very fierce so a GED and salt training is an attempt to escape culls. A GED can help with documentation and more. I will have to be thorough, learning all of the parameters that are also featured in the Linux man pages.Β 


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