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Back in 2011 and after 10 years of Linux at that time I wasn't accepted as Linux engineer throughout the Golden State. This hit me hard, and in the exchange of blows I lost my ability to paint places like Youtube with 10k hit videos and, with Geshtu-E that very success shown atΒ my kinesis420 page on Youtube will be coming back soon. During that time, 2008-2011 and throughout 2023 I declared war on minimum wage as a cultural expectation.

The recession saw that touching elite systems throughout the world was not the worth of a $77000 (at the time) Linux administrator job in San Diego. I have to say that being vigilant and recalcitrant toward minimum wage got me to where I am, but the physical distress and cardiovascular feel that working gives has not been there. Among the injuries from not taking the cultural expectation of $7/hourΒ  work to survive IΒ  nearly starved to death before. I went through a famine where I had to eat buds off a tree to survive.

People might have thought I was crazy, but no- I speak clear, I plan well, I can do Youtube at least, and maturity became wisdom for me. Back when I was 28 (2011) I was way better at all leveraging social media and perhaps a blog, but the respect I expected civilization to give (as a position of Linux Administrator in a corporation) was not easily found.Β I could have started a channel or page back then and perhaps found some good success but lacked the organization. The foundation ideal had not been as well as it is now. Still though, I could not advance to the better places of Linux engineering. I had no graduate education either, just some certificates from jr. college level. My πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ GED is up next.

Need a recover course in internet content production. 🌐 𝚠𝚠𝚠.πšŽπš•πšŽπšŸπšŠπšπš’πš˜πš—.πš•πš˜πš•


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