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Tried Installing Slackware, MacOS πŸŽ’ Virtualbox

What I needed:
1. Virtualbox
2. Slackware ISO Mirror
3. Skills for the 'fdisk' and 'setup' process

Coming straight fresh off Linux Slackware as a virtual OS in my Macbook Air. I am happy but find it too messy to deal with LxQt by hand. When dealing with obstacles like these I'm tired of the old fashioned stubborn methods rathter than verbal tree-hearse. Maybe learning code and Linux is like learning phonics, and that I'll adapt to the πŸ’΅ on the table.Β  It's gone been too long since I came to the bay, expecting a mass for ccTLD hacker experience in the good ol DARPA net 90's.Β 

🀣 Moving forward with the site

"Look who you are competing with." was some good advice I got from a friend, and it is somewhat true. I do see everyone's bachelor's or master's degree matching the job they are at, and I do see somewhat that almost every job for DevOps. Will I be a success at writing? All I do is write about my life and such. Hard to picture this blog site being of something others find interesting. I would like to provide better, and fret I'm not doing enough. I have tossed my blog like 10 times now.

I got blocked by a girl recently. Geshtu-E is still proceeding, as for now we have "Strategize" a think or code power. Life will be alright, I just need to get out of Cordilleras, they are cops and it sucks. To hell with why they leave me. I am as calm !! CREATIVE WRITING is kept in Geshtu-E. For now, I need to give it all I can and keep it honest, like that music tune says to do 🎡./ Is @Limitsite your favorite follow? Let us know over a cup of coffee, leave comment. You are appreciated, I'm just some introverted guy that is bothered by ugliness.